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Sports Relief 2014

And we did it again!!! This time on Sunday 23rd March 2014, 2 years on and we have got better and better with raising money for Sport’s Relief. There may have been less of us in numbers; however that didn’t stop us in raising a MASSIVE amount. On the windy spring morning, we got to meet the Mayor of Bradford and do a spectacular, funny zumba warm up before the start of the race. Then we ran with smiles on our faces till the finish. Some of the athletes crossed the line performing the famous ‘Mobot’ and ‘Lightening Bolt’ poses, erupting the crowd with laughter and cheers. To fill our mouths we got to ride a bike and make our own delicious smoothies. It may have been a hard, tiring day but it was all worth it, as the total raised was £750. This was kindly doubled by the Nat West bank making the total £1500.

So, thank you to everyone who ran the race and to everyone who sponsored and donated to Sports Relief 2014. YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!

Report and photo submitted by Preeya Kaur