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Notice of Club AGM–Circulated Documents

Formal notice of the Club AGM on Friday 26 March 2021, by skype (6.30pm), details of which have been sent by email to each member. The relevant documents circulated in advance are:

1. Agenda

2. Minutes of the last AGM on 31 January 2020, and the Open Forum that followed it

3. Secretary’s report, including a summary of the proposed new arrangements with the management of Horsfall

4. Text of the proposed service level agreement with Horsfall Community Stadium

5. Proposed new club constitution.

The reports from the Treasurer and Membership Secretary will be circulated in due course.

If you wish to stand for any position–noting that we have a crucial vacancy for Treasurer which needs filling by someone not already on the committee–or you wish to propose any amendments to the agenda, new fees structure, constitution or the Horsfall agreement, please inform the Secretary in advance.

Simon Forde (Club Secretary)