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1. Each year has two seasons: winter and summer. Each season has an off-road series and a road series. Individual awards across the various Airedale Athletics clubs are given for the winners of each series, each season (combining off-road and road scores) and the full-year scores. This provides seven individual prizes. Scores are only included when a runner is marked in the official results as representing their club in the event.

2. A club league provides cumulative scores from all runners in each series, season and year.

3. Each series has about thirteen scoring events. Your top six scores count.

  • In each series up to five events score double (“Joker” races).
  • The final event offers a triple score (see details below).

4. Scores are based on a percentage of the top three times of the runners in a particular age and gender category. So if the average of the top times were 30min 00sec and you ran 40’00” you would score 75 points.

5. Once you are listed in any series, you get 10 “starter points” and then your top six scores are added, but divided by ten. So, if you run two races and score 56 and 72 points your league score would be 10 + 5.6 + 7.2 = 23.

In the event of several runners having the same number of points, the total scores from all events form a “tiebreaker”.